Part time Senior Facilitator / Facilitator


Job Description 

1) Leading a team of participants to engage in a training program
2) Assist in Set-up and Pack-up training material on site
3) Conduct Debriefing after each activity to deepening the learning of participants
4) Write short performance report on a group (if needed)
5) Technical support for special equipment
6) Brief the activities to the team and facilitate the team to overcome challenges
7) Attend at least 1 internal training every half year

1) At least 3-5 years of training experience in F&B or related industry, especially on-the-job training practice and training manual preparation
2) Service-oriented with strong initiatives to build a relationship with Participants
3) Strong leadership, problem-solving and decision-making skills
4) Energetic and outgoing personality
5) Self-motivated, independent and able to perform multitasks under pressure
6) Adventure Based Training experience is an advantage
7) Degree in Business Administration, Social work, psychology, counseling or above is a must
8) NLP Certified, D.i.S.C Certified, Personal Dimension Certified, Emergenetics Certified, TCI Certified, ATD Certified, and other training related Qualifications are advantages

For those who are interested in this position, please send your CV to [email protected] If you have been assessed as the less experienced facilitator, you may have a chance to be considered for other training position(s).

For interested parties, please fill in the application form as per the link below:



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僱主:Jetone Motion (Hong Kong) Limited
刊登日期:Mar 15 2019


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