Youtube Video Maker (Food Channel), Freelance


We are building a food channel on Youtube and inviting interested parties to join. We are collecting cooking videos around the world (e.g. Chinese fried rice, Indian curry, Japanese Teppanyaki…). Please find the details below:


Video Requirement

- Resolution 1080P (1920x1080) or above

- No editing is required, shoot by smartphone are welcomed

- No description or subtitle needed

- Video length: min. 3mins, max. 10mins

- All video MUST be taken / owned by the maker, copy from the internet is NO allowed

- Once we accepted the video, license of the video will be owned by us.



- Worldwide food

- Food shops like street food, restaurants, food courts, kitchens… Home kitchen is not acceptable in general

- Cooking process with sound recorded (no description needed)



If the video is accepted, commission will be based on the monthly view

- 200-500 Views in 30 days : HK$ 50 / video

- 500-1200 Views in 30 days : HK$ 100 / video

- >1200 Views in 30 days : HK$ 200 / video

- For those low view videos (<200 views in 30 days), there will not be commission generated. We will offline the video and the license will be returned to the maker.



- If you are know any foreigner, you may invite them to take us video of their domestic food

- If you are travelling to other cities, please share with us by video the delicious food outside HK!


Interested parties, please contact us at:

[email protected]



  • 申請工作時,切勿提供重要的個人資料,例如身份證、銀行戶口及信用卡的資料。
  • 不要隨便相信「無需經驗、學歷」,而又「人工高、福利好」的招聘廣告,還應留意所給予工資與所需條件是否合乎現實和市場價格。
  • 有關提防求職陷阱的資訊,可瀏覽此網頁
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